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About Us

Getting the Job Done is our Misison

We give you the best service at the best price possible.


In the 1980s, Ron Paulus witnessed a growing issue within the construction market. The quality and honesty he lived his life by was not reflected in the work being done in the industry. Ron’s solution was to solve this problem by crafting a body of skillful members who’s dedication and customer satisfaction would be unrivaled. Thus began Paulus Engineering.


Our approach at Paulus is always the same whether it is repairing sprawling concrete on a catch basin or a major repair and that is to give you the best service and product at the best rate possible. We have a 24-hour emergency on-call phone system to respond to your needs as they arise. We will be there on time, every time, and will leave you with the satisfaction that the job was done right.


Why We Are Different

(714) 632-3975

Paulus Engineering’s reputation has resulted in jobs throughout Southern California with the epicenter stretching from Beaumont to the coast and up to Santa Clarita. We do not under bid resulting in mountains of ‘unexpected’ change orders. Fudging and twisting the numbers to undercut competition only hurts the customer. our goal is to make your goals easier.

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